Saturday, March 15, 2008

Professor Steven Sonsino Leadership guru?

Tuesday's are generally pretty boring, however I was treated to an inspiring speech from Steven Sonsino a Leadership Professor. Steven is a fellow of LBS, the London Business School. The speech lifted the group of Finance Directors from all over the world from their post lunch slum. I since found out that Professor Sonsino is all over Google, having written books to inspired the likes of HSBC and the Dubai development company Nakheel maybe you know there work? 'The World and Palm Tree develoments in the United Arab Emirates. Steven's speech inspired me in ways I thought weren't possible including creating my own leadership style a brand for yourself if you will that peopel will identify with, new development strategies to me.
While searching the internet I found this, a Leadership seminar in Dubai, the Leadership Masterclass, I will definetly be attending, check it out.I may even buy one of his products, maybe the Leadership Blueprint if he dazzles me in the sameway as Tuesday.

Monday, March 03, 2008

rough riderz and munkies hit MBR Dave Bower

Well it appeared, eventually, the interview with MBR up at Laggan Wolf Trax, a four page interview with paraplegic fourcross rider Dave Bower, the article explained where Phil Hall a similar fourcross rider found his drive for starting the Rough Riderz Fourcross club and merging it with existing MTB'ers The Northern Munkies.
Phil said in a interview last year "We thought it an extremely good idea to merge, dare I say it 'disabled riders club' with an able bodied mtb club, this is the thinking between launching a mountain biking, four cross and free riding forum for all riders.

If you would like to learn more check out the mtb forum

Saturday, February 02, 2008

The ultimate MTB Forum

The Northern Munkies have been ridng for a few years now, ahem, anyway back all those years ago all you could do to find like minded mountain bikers and new trails was to explore or literally hi-jack riders as they passed you and quiz them on trails or new downhill tracks.
Well now its a little easier especially after deciding the way to find new mtb riders is to find an MTB forum or create one. Therefore we decided to design one, a great place to chat and post pics and vids of mountain biking whether its a Downhiller on his hardtail or a lessabled fourcross rider hammering it down a dried up river.
At the forum you will find many members wanting to know where to ride, with what and with whom, its awesome. Fourcross & Mountain biking brought together.