Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Def Leppard & Cheap Trick play Sheffield

Saturday 17th June def leppard & cheap trick played at Sheffield Hallam FM arena, the arena was rammed. Three of us attended the Concert Myself Ben, Annabelle my gf & Tom . We initially had seats at the stadium, mind you we needed binoculars to see the stage, therefore we were cheeky and decided to go and ask for front row standing. Yay, we were granted front row access by Carol in the Info office.
It was a totally different experience standing at the front fully immersed in the atmosphere. The show was awesome from Cheaptrick playing some cool tracks to the main performance from Joe Elliot and crew. The show started with a couple of new tunes from their new album, with classics blended such as Hysteria, Rocket then a few covers then the finale well in my opinion 'Pour some sugar on me' Cool very memorable birthday' not my normal Gods Kitchen or gAtE crash3R but cool as non the less.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Maldives tourists boom April - 55,983

The Maldives welcomed 55,983 tourist arrivalson to its shores in April 2006 – the highest recorded number of tourist arrivals in the month of April since the start of the Maldives tourism industry thirty three years ago.
The first time that the number of arrivals in the Maldives in the month of April has exceeded arrivals in March to the Maldives , thus reflecting changes in the high season which is expected to end in April.

Tourist arrival numbers to the Maldives from all generating markets have been very positive so far this year, indicating a positive recovery from the period of instability of the tourism industry during 2005. Over 223,652 tourists have visited the Maldives since April 2005 till April 2006, a significant increase of 97 percent compared to the same period in 2005.

Italy leads the Maldives arrivals market with a share of 24.5 percent and has been the leader of the visitors to the Maldives for many years, followed by the UK with 15.9 percent steadily increasing, Germany - 11.6 percent, France - 10.6 percent, Japan - 4.7 percent, Russia with 3.7 percent and China - 3.4 percent.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Motorola Q released in the US - Blackberry destroyer?

Launched this week in the US the Motorola Q.
Not disimilar to a gadget given out by Q In the bond movies or is it?
The Motorola Q is Motorolas attempt to take on BlackBerry and Palm Inc.'s Treo 700 as a way to get corporate e-mail on the go.
The Motorola Q only costs $199.99 with a two-year commitment to Verizon Wireless in the US. Thats $100 less than the Treo range from Verizon, how everT-Mobile has cheaper BlackBerries.
To run this business mobile PDA with unlimited data usage on the carrier's high-speed BroadbandAccess network, its $109.99 a month, similar to high end business tariffs.
So is it all its propecises about?
Well the Q has a lot going for it. It's thin and light enough to be only slightly uncomfortable carried in a shirt pocket, lighter & smaller then the Treo. However slightly wider than a Treo (though not quite as wide as some BlackBerries), this provides the space for a QWERTY keyboard with comfortably spaced keys.
Comes with Bluetooth for wireless connection to a headset and works as a speakerphone.
4 hours talk time and 9 days standby.
It's predominantly designed for e-mail, but doesn't go the whole way.
The Motorola Q is the first mobile to combine the smartphone version of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Mobile with an alphabetic keyboard, others have number keys.
The Motorola Q has coped well with email but like other smartphones, lacks in basic text-editing: cut and paste. The BlackBerry, which has a similar button layout, does cut and paste.
The Motorola Q doesn't do Direct Push e-mail, at least not as stock. Upgrades will be avaiable, in the meanwhile, the Motorola Q is to set it to refresh the Exchange server every 10 minutes or so.
The Motorola Q can be used to direct mail instantly from servers running software enabled to do this, or you could install the Motorla Q software included on your PC. This will forward e-mail as it arrives, however your PC has to be on for this to work.
Motorola has high hopes for the Motorola Q, the super-slim clamshell phone, is similar in design to the RAZR series. Time to wait and see if it stands upto Motorolas expectations.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Radiation Vaccination breakthrough?

Radiation vaccination may be possible, say Scientists in the US say it may soon be possible to vaccinate emergency workers against the effects of a nuclear explosion.

The US researchers have found that a certain type of gene therapy appears to protect mice from the effects of exposure to radiation.

Since the September 11 attacks on the US, It has been considered terrorists may attempt to explode a crude nuclear device, called a "dirty bomb". Experts say that such a bomb, made up of nuclear waste wrapped around a conventional explosive, could disperse large amounts of radiation over a city area and that significant numbers of people would die within 30 says of exposure.

This research was founded by Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine who were trying to develop a treatment that would protect relief workers in such as crisis.

In experiments with mice they used a tiny artificial sac to deliver a protective compound to every cell.

24 Hrs later, mice were exposed to doses of whole body radiation.

Mice given the gene therapy survived.

227 BHP VW Golf GTI Anniversary Edition to be released

VW have announced they are to release an anniversary Golf GTI with 227 HP, the standard Golf GTI now boasts 197bhp from its turbocharged 2.0-litre engine sorely needed for its size and weight in compairoson to the early Mk1s and Mk2's. The Anniversary Golf GTI version gets one extra horsepower for every year, making it 227bhp.

The Golf GTI comes with flat black 18-inch alloy wheels, colour coded lower front and rear spoilers, side skirts, rear tinted lenses all adding to a sleek drive. VW have improved on the Quality, Half - leather sport seats with "Interlagos" diamond pattern in the cloth centre section, red-stitched leather steering wheel, a gear stick knob in the form of a golf ball, mirroring the Mk1 Golf GTI. Prices and dates for UK sale have yet to be confirmed

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Orange to offer Quad digital package

Orange have announced they are going to release a quad package therefore orange now offering Orange broadband, Orange standard call packages, Orange mobile & Orange TV.

e3 news

Microsoft have cornered the console game market with the Xbox and 360 Xbox
The Sony PS3 is hugely overpriced.
The Nintendo Revolution is still to make its mark in the console market.