Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Yay my ribena bush Phase 1

It arrived last week and was planted on Friday morning yay yes my ribena cutting aptly named ben, lets watch it grow...

Moutain bike trail in orchard

After an immense weekend in Scotland at Glen Tress and Traquair watching mountain biking dowhill heats , also cycling the 7 stanes route at Glen Tress - it occurred to me I had the perfect land for a mounatin bike track incorporating jumps and dropoffs. Watch this space.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

XT gear shifter front won

Well I won the ebay item xt shifter shouls be arriving soon yay can't wait just need chain ring now and front xt mech .

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bank charges too high

It has been announced that all banks charging over 13 pound for missing payment or going over their overdraft are being unfairly penalised, it now looks that these charges are going to be dropped to just cover the admin fees and not a profit for the banks and building socities in question.

css seo scrutinised

It appears that Google can read external css style sheets, it really no surprise thanks to the introduction of seo techniques to aid website progression unethically, alledgedly restyling header tags mainly resizing and removing the bold attribute, this is classed as an unethical technique, this is however justified in my opinion, due to the fact you are using the header attribute, but not applying its preset style.

Google pr update at last

Well yesterday the google pr update was rolled out to all the data centers, since the introduction of the big daddy data center everything has been up in the air.
It looks like the dust has settled.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Samsung LCD HDTV new toy

What an amazing television, 32 inch capable of displaying high definition images, an awesome TV to design on.

Virgin mobile and NTL merge to offer quad digital package

NTL and Virgin, well NTL bought out virgin for the cost of £1 000 000 000, this way NTL can offer the whole digital package, probably to aid them in cornering the digital market, hot on on their heels is 02 , Vodafone and BSKYB releasing later this year, looks like we will be stuck for choice with HDTV and other digital services.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Black - xbox game

Black what a coool game, very similar to medal of honor in my opinion but more modern, mind you helps the experience having dolby 5.1 and a 32 inch lcd hdtv. Extremely hard xbox game but appears you can destroy anything, walls, tankers you name it. EA seem to be pulling them selves back from the brink of destruction, lets hope all xbox games and 360 x box games follow this gaming trend seems EA owned Criterion have it sorted.

Mobile Heaven scare

Just found out that my mobile site had possibly been blacklisted but was a false alarm, made me panic mind. Well it means I can still concentrate on the site and it not be wasted.

ebay bidding for xt gear shifter

Seems im going to have the bits I need soon to sort out my Santa Cruz Chamelon, yay need a front chain ring badly, only one so get smoked on uphills.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Northern munkie blog comes to life

A blog to challenge all blogs...